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    Presentation & Welcome Package // Long Island Wedding Photography

    Sunday, March 11, 2012

    If you haven't worked with me yet, or if by chance you haven't seen my obsession with product packaging via Pinterest, let me show you a bit about how I like to spoil my clients

    Here you'll see the typical setup for my high resolution dvds. 
    I use recycled cd folios, complete with customized disks. 
    I design the package with stamping, wrap it in twine, and seal it with a sticker.

    This is something quite special. I've created this welcome packet for my new bridal clients. 
    The brides get this package in their mailbox, and are delighted with a personalized box of goodies to prep them for their big day.

    The package includes tips & tricks about how to be prepared for all sorts of situation on their wedding day so that their pictures reflect just how beautiful they looked! 
    There's even a how to guide for the grooms! 

    And what fun is wedding planning without some magazines? 
    So two are included for each bride as well! 

    My brides are important to me. As such, I like them to know they can relax about their wedding, and rest assure that their photography investment is well taken care of. Who doesn't like getting spoiled a little bit here and there?

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