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    My first engagement session!

    Thursday, February 11, 2010

     I can't thank you guys enough for giving me the opportunity to practice on my portrait work. Katie, Vinny - you guys were incredible models today. The pictures can't justify how cold, windy and wet the weather really was, and you were both so patient through it all, and look amazing on top of which! Eileen & Grayce: thank you so much for helping with everything. You guys lugged the props and backup clothes through all that snow and I and even boosted me up that extra foot that I needed to get those heart shots, and I appreciate your patience on top of it all. Here are just a few of the shots taken today...which wouldn't have happened without everyone's help. Thanks guys

    3 Responses to “My first engagement session!”

    1. Steph they all came out great! thanks for doing our pix! it was a blast, Eileen and grayce good job and being personal assistants! lol. my favorites... the hearts, and us on the dock!

    2. Steph, these pictures are sooooo good. Really, I can picture them as the cover of a book or on a postcard or something. You are very talented. Honestly, I cant tell you which one is my favorite. There are far to many that I really really like!

    3. Wow steph I just wanted to check these pics out again and they are amazing! I should have just hired you as the photographer at my wedding : )