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    Long Island Wedding Venue - Lessing's View

    Tuesday, March 18, 2014

    This affair was small in size, but not in elegance.

    This was a daytime wedding shot in October 2012

    Location: View
    Oakdale, NY 

    The View Restaurant offers a breathtaking setting on the Great South Bay. 
    It's the perfect combination of classy and casual. 

    I've photographed a wedding here, and also attended bridal showers and brunches, and dined here for dinner. 
    The food is exceptional! Don't miss the chance for the weekend brunch that they offer!

     This special bride and groom had a beautiful ceremony in the fresh air, overlooking the water. 

    We had a blast taking photos out on the pier with all their family and friends. 
    Perfect setting for a sailor and his bride!

    Guests dined & shared their well wishes in a comfortable & sophisticated atmosphere.

    This venue is perfect for an intimate affair. 
    If you're a bride looking for an outdoor ceremony near the water, certainly consider the View. 
    It's owned and operated by Lessings, so you know you're not going to be disappointed.


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    1. Despite the pouring rain storm, constant emails requesting changes, and nervous energy, these guys delivered the most enchanting night.