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    Adventures in Renting

    Saturday, March 10, 2012

    I fought the dishwasher, and the dishwasher won.

    This portable dishwasher has been sitting in the kitchen, being used as nothing more than counter space since we moved in to the apartment in October. This morning, while Fred was up to his eyeballs in dishes, I suggested (for about the dozenth -wait is that a word? - time) we try it.

    Steph: Why don't we just see if it works
    Fred: It's really old, and super gross...
    Steph: Ok, so we'll run it empty clean it all out... it's worth it for the pile of utensils alone...

     Fred leaves town to join some friends for a concert at Mohegan Sun. 
    Steph searches Youtube, and Googles info on how to set up a portable dishwasher.
     Concludes that she'll need a new quick connect fitting for the faucet. 
    A trip to Lowe's proves unhelpful as they don't carry appliance parts, 
    but picks up a bottle of dishwasher magic to clean the ancient machine. 
    Back to Google. 
    Jots down make and model. 
    Search Search Search. 
    "Wait a second, that part looks exactly like what's on the faucet!" 
    Let's see here...it fits. 
    Plug it in, twist this, set that, faucet it on...
    the machine starts making noise that could rival a jet engine. 
    But...it's running.  
    IT WORKS! 
    At this point Steph feels like Dr. Frankenstein. 

    Ok, so a few drops on the floor. No biggie. 
    Prepared for the worst.

    Wait a second. It's not draining.

     Like at all.

    This water has to come out somehow...

    Yea, let me just bail it out. 

     That puddle is getting pretty big. 

    Well, the floor needed to get mopped anyway...
    Conclusion. We'll still be washing our dishes by hand.
    And we'll continue to use that dishwasher as it's original purpose...counter space. 

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