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    So this is the New Year

    Wednesday, December 30, 2009

    I've never been big on resolutions. So this year I'm making more of a goal to achieve than to resolve any one thing in particular. I came across this website (http://photoassignment.net/) designed by a few photographers who were trying to improve their skills through practice, and I'm adopting the concept. I've edited some of the tasks, but regardless, I'm aiming at achieving a specific photography assignment every week of the coming year. I'll be doing my best to post my results as often as possible. Wish me luck!

    Here is the task list:

    Weather, Coffee, Motion,  Night, Landscape,  Flowers,  Portrait,  Design, The Human Body, Shadows,        Black and White, Reflections, Birds, Details, Stillness, Animals,  Fire and Smoke, Lines, Antique, Urban Architecture,  Framing,  Me, Technology,  Summer, Low-key, Advertising,  Bugs, Bikes, Carnivals,       Food,  Signs, Fashion, Yellow,  Low Angle, Clocks, Farms, Green,  Chairs, Kitchen,  Seasons,  Balance,       Red,  Street, Words, Opposites, Work,  Brands, Blue,  Sun, Window, Wheel,  Liquids

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