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    Funny Friday // Long Island Photographer

    Friday, April 12, 2013

    Sometimes, we all just need to laugh right?

    Like after you spend a bunch of time and effort creating a custom photo album for a special event, 
    and then FedEx loses it by just delivering it to a completely random address. 
    And then you need the album like... RIGHT NOW 
    so you go and knock on the random stranger's door at 9pm 
    and try to explain why you're interrupting this foreign exchange
    grad student when he's probably trying to study. 
    And your package isn't there anyway...so you freak out 
    on FedEx because they're useless? 

    So what do you do? Take a deep breath. Make a banana pineapple spinach smoothie, then chase it with some coffee from your giraffe mug, put on your Mickey Mouse slippers and find things to laugh at on Pinterest. 
    Just me? 

    More like 1940's but that's ok. 

    Awesome for obvious reasons. 

    Never lose your luggage again

    Get your shit together Amelia

    This is why I love you Jack

    Right there with you Mary.

    Call me maybe? (but speak up, I can barely hear you)

    This one doesn't require a caption

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