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    Things I wish I knew yesterday

    Saturday, April 7, 2012

    I've been a reader of Real Simple Magazine since my college days when I used to flip through it's pages in the health center waiting room, and it just dawned on me tonight that maybe some of my blog fans would like some of the great tips I get from this periodical each month.

    This month's issue is focused on saving $$ and I can't wait to start using some of the tips they have to do so.

    My first favorite:

    Gift Card Granny - Buy & Sell Discount Gift Cards
    I'm going to start using this site (probably tonight) on buying gift cards that other people apparently don't want. I don't know why they don't want those cards to Ann Taylor, Banana Republic & Starbucks, but I'll be happy to buy them at 50% off!! 

    Learn More About Saving Money With Sierra Trading Post

    This one offers some steep discounts on foot ware, and apparently really likes their customers. First timers get 20% off, and then their Facebook & Twitter fans get an additional 20%. Sounds like 40% of goodness I'd like to get involved in. 

    All you need is a zip code. Well and a birthday that allows you to buy beer. Type in your location and it gives you the deals in your area on your favorite brews! If you're like my boyfriend and I, beer may be an actual financial investment, and this is sure to save some bucks. 

    Get a GasBuddy App for your Phone 
    Again, if you have a zip code and a wallet, here's another way to scout your area for the cheapest prices on gas. At $4.09, I can't afford not to DL this app.

    This one looks useful as well. This one will help you thin down your Cell Phone, TV & Credit Card Bills. They promise not to sell my email address either, so that's even more enticing. 

    This one isn't quite as glamorous, but living near a Medical University makes it super relevant. This website hooks you up with dental students and performs cleanings at a discount. They get to fill their school requirements, you get a smaller bill. Win Win. 


    Really? All prescription glasses are $88. Flate Rate. That just sounds awesome. Especially since I know my boyfriend pays WAY more than that for his, even with his health care coverage. This one is certainly worth LOOKING into. Get it? See what I did there. 

    I make no promises about these sites, but I'm certainly interested to see what I can save by using them. Who couldn't use a bit of a break these days right?!

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