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    What I did in Vegas...stayed in Vegas...right where I found it

    Wednesday, July 27, 2011

    So what did I actually do in Vegas on my vacation last summer? I'll sum it up for you. I walked. For about 8 hours. Last August Fred and I stopped in Las Vegas in between visiting a few of the best National Parks that the south...and the west has to offer. We weren't even planning on stopping there, even with all the jokes from all our friends about getting hitched while we're in the neighborhood. But with the foul weather at the Grand Canyon (yea, who goes to the desert in August...and leaves because it's cold and raining...we do) we had a free day to do something unexpected. Fred whipped out his iPhone while we were drying off in the Grand Canyon history museum and we wound up booking a night at the MGM Grand. Goodbye foggy canyon...hello glittery strip!

    We checked in, saw all there was at the MGM, and thought there couldn't possibly be more to see at any of the other casinos. Yea, not the case. Sporting our flip flops instead of the hiking boots we had been wearing every other day, we took off down the strip. We trecked from E. Tropicana Ave to E. Flamingo Road. (you know you're in Vegas wheeeen...) We went into all sorts of places. Each got more exotic than the last. Not kidding when I say we spent at least 2 hours in the Ceaser's alone. It a casino, it's a resort, it's 5th Avenue, and the Mall of America and Disney and Six Flags all in one place. While we were there, I got sucked into a photography gallery. [Shocker] If you've never heard of or seen any of Peter Lik get on that. I fell in love with photography all over again. You should have seen Fred picking my jaw up off the floor, trying to get me out of that place before I maxed out any credit cards. Somehow while we were in Ceasers, we missed our second desert thunderstorm. We came out to puddles and clouds.

    There was walking, walking and more walking before we found ourselves back at our hotel, blistered, and practically limping. We staggered to the bar for a drink or two, did a few rounds on the casino floor (without gambling a dime) and headed to bet. Yep. Too tired to do anything else. Most exciting trip to Vegas in the history books right there.

    The following are few pictures I took on our great walking adventure. Stay tuned for more stories from our great trip west!

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