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    Long Island Photographer I Shooting Local

    Sunday, December 5, 2010

    If there's one thing I can say I've learned this year about my photography, and how I'm developing my skills, is that I have a hard time shutting it off. I can't tune out. I always have my eyes "on" for a new shot. I'm always seeing possibilities for a great shot. Luckily enough today I had the time to pull over and grab the shot I saw while I was driving home from Christmas Tree shopping. How many times have I driven past this scene without paying attention to it? I looked out the driver side window and just saw these trees. I pulled a maneuver with the Jetta, parked illegally and started walking around this golf course in December without thinking twice about how silly I looked. All I can say that I'm glad I did.

    One Response to “Long Island Photographer I Shooting Local”

    1. Unbelievably beautiful, Steph! You are soooo good!!!!! I love looking at your pics! Thanks for sharing them!