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    Candice & Mike

    Thursday, July 15, 2010

    A few favorites from Candice & Mike's recent photo shoot in Bluepoint. These two are tying the knot this coming Labor Day weekend, and will be using some shots from this shoot as their table numbers. How cute?!

    3 Responses to “Candice & Mike”

    1. Steph - I've been checking your page out whenever you post new stuff, and I really must say, you've progressively gotten better each time, more seasoned. This is your most impressive set yet. I adore the photos - really. There is such a genuine feel to them. I'm very impressed! We haven't chosen a photographer for our wedding yet .. in another year, you'll be ready for the big time! You never know!


    2. Naturally i love them! i really like the one on Candice sitting on the Pier adn Sozio standing on the ground beside her! Great Job, and Great Idea about the table Numbers!

    3. I love all the shots of Candice laughing...such beautiful energy!