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    Black Rock at Flax Pond

    Tuesday, April 17, 2012

    Practice makes perfect right? For me, that means bring my camera with me everywhere. Throw it over my shoulder & shoot everything that catches my eye. 

    That's just what I did on this Sunday, during our exploration of Flax Pond. Although it appears that we live in the flattest place in America, I enjoyed trying to capture some color, texture & character we witnessed.

    It's strange to wander a beach on a warm sunny day alone. You would think there'd be masses of people dotting the shore line, but with it's hard to reach location, basically only accessible during low tide (unless you live in one of those huge houses with private stairs down to their bungalows) it was empty other than the two people we passed in 2 hours, and of course the thousands of tiny hermit crabs we hardly avoided treading on.

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