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    Tuesday, February 28, 2012

    What have you preserved

    Trees, resources, energy. I've been a supporter of preservation for years, and the concept is taking on a new meaning for me now. Now, it's about my business. It's about my work, and it's about what I provide to my clients.

    Much of my work is with children & families. From the week they're born as they start walking and talking and running and jumping, I capture kids at their best. These are important moments to preserve.

    They say "take a picture, it'll last longer" And it does. It lasts well past when those kids start walking and talking, well past when they're on the bus to school and then playing soccer. It lasts well beyond science projects and cub scout meetings. It last's longer than school dances and awards ceremonies. That's why we take pictures at all these moments. Because they've past so much quicker than we expected. 

    Maybe wiping noses and behinds and tying shoes and zipping jackets seems like a hassle right now. Lugging toys, strollers and car seats seems overwhelming. 

    But we all know that before you know it, your little one who started off like this:

    Starts to look more like this
    Photo Credit: http://jinkyart.com.au

    To this:
    Photo Credit: http://jinkyart.com.au

    And then this:

    Which is why it's important to not just document your child's growth, but celebrate it. Display it, and hold on to it. Look at it every day, and then, it doesn't seem to slip through your fingers quite as fast. 

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