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    We are go for LAUNCH!

    Monday, July 25, 2011

    That's right! If you're not a fan on facebook (and you should be! so head over now and show your lovin') then you might not have heard about the new WEBSITE!! This site has been such a labor of love. I've worked so hard on it for the last few months, and I'm very proud of the turnout.

    In spirit of celebration, I'm excited to announce a raffle for a $50 Gift Certificate towards any session fee or print order! Yep 50 big ones.

    To enter: just become a fan of the SJP Fan Page or subscribe to the SJP mailing list for exclusive  updates, offers & discounts.

    Already a fb fan? Tell your friends!

    The more friends you invite, the better your chances! Just tell your friends to post on the fan page wall and shout proudly "MY FRIEND __(insert your name here)___ is excited about the new SJP site & $50 gift card giveaway! and so am I"

    The winner of the $50 gift card giveaway will be announced on Sunday August 1st. So hit the streets, tell your friends, and show your pride with me!

    This is such an exciting new beginning for me, I'm so happy to have all of you to celebrate it with.



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