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    Friday, July 8, 2011

    Has anyone else noticed that you have more photos stored on your hard drive than you have in photo albums or in frames? Have you gone on a trip and realized that anyone who isn't friends with you on facebook had no chance of seeing all the photos you took?

    What happened to having a tangible copy of your images to display? I know we're all taking cameras with us every where we go, taking shots of us with our friends at significant places. So where are all the photos going? Other than the few prints that make it to Target to get printed out - are they doomed to hide in that "My Pictures" folder forever? Are they all being taken just to be posted on facebook?

    I don't think so. Although I'm very much guilty of the same crime, I know that seeing my work displayed on the wall means so much more to me than looking through them on my laptop.
    For me, I see photos as art. I honestly feel that they're the best way to decorate a home. And I"m not saying that I plaster my walls with photos of myself, and creating a "wall of Stephanie" but I take lots of photos that aren't of people.

    I love my nature photography work, and I find that you can replace any of those framed pieces from the back corner of Kohls with a framed piece of your own work. And it's going to look a hell of a  lot better too. Because now you have a conversation piece. You have a story to tell with it. You were there, and you know what it looked like, and you remember why you took it in the first place. It means something to you. And instead of hanging something that all of your guests are going to walk by, now they're going to stop, and not only admire something original about your home, but learn something about you too.

    Take a look below. All these photos were provided by Libbie Wicket Photography.  She not only takes amazing photos of her clients, but she's joined forces with a wonderful interior designer to bring a one of a kind experience to her them.

    So get the dust of your....harddrive...and start framing your photos. Tell a story with them!

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